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Erica Spiegelman, addiction freedom coach

This FREE video details my biggest mistakes, steps forward, and breakthroughs throughout my journey of creating addiction freedom for both myself and my students.

So What IS Addiction Freedom?

On my own journey to addiction freedom, I first had to learn what addiction freedom is NOT -- I learned that by trying the options out there like rehab and AA and realizing that they were incomplete. It took some time before I discovered what Addiction Freedom truly is and how to get it...

  • Addiction Freedom is NOT Sobriety
    Sobriety simply means you've stopped drinking or using. But what about whatever caused our addictions in the first place?
  • Addiction Freedom is NOT Willpower
    Relying on willpower alone to fight addiction is exhausting. And it keeps us stuck on that "Addiction Merry-Go-Round.
  • Addiction Freedom is NOT Rehab
    Rehab was a safe place for me to detox. But what happens after rehab?
  • Addiction Freedom is NOT AA
    People have going to AA, admitting they're powerless, and turning their fate over to religion since 1938. That's 77 years. And statistics show that in most cases, it hasn't worked.
  • Addiction Freedom is IS...
    The ability to build our lives without addiction holding us back. You find that as you build Addiction Freedom, your life just gets better and better.
"Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I used to leave addiction behind for good & start building my life again."

Learn the Secret to
Leaving addiction behind Today

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WHY do AA and Rehab fail to give you addiction freedom 94% of the time?*

I have helped a lot of people who have been stuck in the 94% for way too long... and it's entirely possible to get unstuck.

But why do these options fail in most cases? Because they are guaranteed to be incomplete. You just don't leave rehab or AA with everything you need. You keep going round and round on what I call the Addiction Merry-Go-Round.

"After going to so many rehabs, going through so many detoxes, and relapsing so many times that I've lost count over the years, I realized that the drugs were not my problem. I was my biggest problem."
-Bob M., e.n.e.r.G. Against Addiction Community Member
(Results may vary.)
"I didn't know what to do when I left rehab. You realize rehab is not real life. The urge to drink, the chaos, and the self doubt are still there. I was overwhelmed."
-MaryKate B., e.n.e.r.G. Against Addiction Community Member
(Results may vary.)

How to get off the Addiction Merry-Go-Round and into the 6%*

The Addiction Merry-Go-Round is an endless cycle that I have seen so many people get stuck in. Once you learn how to stop the cycle, you don't have to get back on ever again.

  1. Go to rehab.
  2. Leave rehab. Real world's overwhelming.
  3. Go to AA. Follow AA's rules: Admit you're powerless. No feedback. Rely on religion.
  4. Willpower is hard. Doesn't work.
  5. Back to rehab.

What’s your path after you get off the Merry-Go-Round?

  1. Create a stable foundation to build your addiction freedom on.
  2. Repair and revamp the negative elements in your life.
  3. Go one step beyond fighting addiction. Discover the ability to build your life.

My ideas on addiction transformation have been discussed on
television, radio, and online media, including...

  • Repeat guest on Dr. Drew
    Television host of VH1's Celebrity Rehab, Loveline, and HLN's Dr. Drew On Call
  • Featured by Maria Shriver,
    Former first lady of California, activist, Emmy winner, New York Times best-seller, NBC News Special Anchor

The Conundrum of Addiction is getting people to participate in their recovery...
...It's about the brain rehealing, then rewiring, and then reregulating.

-Dr. Drew

There really is hope in all of this... [but] the majority of people who have a problem don't get help, and it's a really tough thing to go out and get it.

-Maria Shriver

Why there is HOPE that you can be in the 6% of people with Addiction Freedom*

Whether you are in rehab or AA, just out of rehab or AA, thinking about going, or maybe never want to go... you need more tools. More solutions. Detoxing, 7, 20, or even 90 days in rehab, meetings, and willpower are just not enough.

How do you deal with the real world, chaos, and overwhelm? Rehabs and AA try to sell you on the fact that they are complete… if that's the case, then why is their failure rate 94%?

I know those statistics sound downright awful, but the good news is, you CAN become a part of the 6% success rate.

Once you learn how, you will never approach addiction the same way again...

  • "[Erica] helped change my life. I have stopped using substances and am sober for almost two years. I have so much beauty in my life now."

    ~Jake T.

    (Results may vary.)

    Client Testimonial

  • "There are few people who truly understand the disease of addiction and the attainability of recovery as well as Erica Spiegelman."

    ~Robert L. Shapiro

    (Results may vary.)

    Attorney & Chairman, The Brent Shapiro Foundation For Alcohol and Drug Awareness; Defense Attorney for the Kardashians, O.J. Simpson, Johnny Carson, Eva Longoria, and Steve Wynn; Founder of LegalZoom.

Why am I releasing this?

My name is Erica Spiegelman, and I used to be completely handcuffed by my addiction… I lost everything. But I discovered new and unique ways to take off those addiction handcuffs for good. And now, I teach others how to have that same addiction transformation.

In this free video, I will reveal a pitfall about fighting addiction, which will surprise you. Because it goes against everything you've been told.

I'll also talk about Addiction Handcuffs. Find out what's killing your addiction freedom and discover the secret to unlocking those handcuffs. Almost everyone is making this mistake… without even knowing it.

I'll also show you how to Rewire Your Brain by showing you the exact steps I followed (and the obstacles I faced) to scale up from 0 minutes of addiction freedom to keeping those addiction handcuffs off… for good.

After you opt in below and grab a copy of this special video, I'll send you free ongoing lessons about getting addiction freedom as they become available.

(results may vary)

"Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I used to leave addiction behind for good & start building my life again."

Learn the Secret to
Leaving addiction behind Today

Please Send Me This Free Video

So where can you join like-minded people on your journey?

Well there's the Addiction Freedom Forum.

The problem with rehab and AA is you can't take them with you...

The Addiction Freedom Forum is an interactive, dynamic, and easily accessible place where you can log in and find a community of people like you. People like us.

This online community is where you get your questions answered, where you can celebrate your victories, where you can get an encouraging word when you need it. Exchange ideas. Make comments. Have a conversation. You're never alone.

And those dangers and temptations you run across in other forums? Not here. The Addiction Freedom Forum is safe, secure, and regulated.

You are never alone. Our incredibly strong community is going to be an amazing resource in your toolbox when it comes to building your Addiction Freedom.